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Are you ready to take control of your health naturally?

See how Ayurveda can change your life.

It all starts with your initial consult or mini-consult.

Have you been diagnosed with a digestive disorder or autoimmune disease? Would you like to feel less anxious or depressed? Wean off of pharmaceutical medications? Learn to cook delicious and healthy food?

All of these are great goals, and achieving them is well within your reach! How great will it feel to take your health into your own hands? 

Ayurveda uses specialized nutrition plans, herbal protocols, and lifestyle recommendations to address your unique health challenges and goals, and bring the body back into balance naturally. 

After you book your session, we'll walk you through a thorough health history. Our comprehensive intake paperwork explores all aspects of your health and lifestyle. Then, you come into our relaxing, inviting, and healing center: Common Ground Wellness for your in-person meeting. We also do online Skype or FaceTime meetings if you prefer, or if location necessitates.

At our meeting, we employ Ayurvedic assessments of the tongue, eyes, and pulse, and we go over your health history together. This healthy history + assessment is an in-depth process which allows us to establish dosha and determine where your imbalances lie.

You will leave your Ayurvedic consult with your own personalized roadmap to health! You’ll learn what foods to eat and when, what teas and herbs to take, and how to move, sleep, and live optimally to set up the optimal physical, mental, and spiritual conditions for healing to take place. 

Schedule your Ayurvedic consult now!

Or try our mini-consult. It's the perfect way to start out, and an amazing value at only $40 for a transformative 30-minute session. 


Check out this short video to learn more about Dosha and how Ayurvedic Counseling works.