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Ayurveda is the science to yoga and the ancient medical system of India. Looking to nature and the five great elements for their healing wisdom, and using food as medicine, yoga and pranayama, and healing herbs to restore balance to the body, mind, and spirit. 

This workshop includes:

  • 75 minute yoga practice, centered around the 5 great elements
  • Dosha (Ayurvedic constitution) assessment 
  • Nutrition, herbs, and lifestyle to balance each dosha
  • Discussion and Q & A, over Tulsi (Ayurvedic holy basil) tea
  • Join Sarah Teeple, RYT200 and Ayurvedic wellness counselor, and learn how to restore balance, vitality, and optimal health using the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda!  

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Past Classes:

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Nutrition for Autoimmune Disease:

Tues, Feb 6, 6-7:30pm


Do you or a loved one suffer from an autoimmune (AI) condition? Western/conventional medicine will tell you that this class of disease is a big mystery, and then slap you a scrip' for a steroid/ immune suppressant pharmaceutical to take for the rest of your life. But that is NOT your only option!! 
So, stay hopeful! Let me help you become your own health advocate and expert! Learn to naturally manage and even reverse AI, and other inflammation-related conditions, and increase your quality of life exponentially. 

Due to the overwhelming need for education and help with AI, this class is FULL! Stay tuned for our next session in the Spring! 

Introduction to Ayurveda

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Tues, Feb 13, 6-7:30pm

Ayurveda is the sister science to Yoga and one of the original holistic healthcare systems, dating back 3000-5000 years in India. It favors seasonal nutrition, herbs, and lifestyle practices that restore balance tot eh system and heals from the inside out. 

Ayurveda is a system of natural medicine that treats an individual based on their unique constitution of the 5 great elements (dosha). Everyone is different and so requires different diet, lifestyle, and supplements in order to achieve their highest state of health and happiness! 

Come learn about dosha and how to feed and tend it, for your optimum wellness and energy in 2018! Sarah Teeple, BA, NC, RYT200 is an Ayurvedic wellness counselor and yoga teacher, specializing in nutrition and lifestyle for optimum holistic wellness. 

Tuesday Feb 13, 6-7:30pm. Light, Ayurvedic dinner provided. 

Class cost $20. Reserve your spot below!



Past events and classes:

(We bring back our most popular classes! If you'd like us to do a repeat of any of the following, drop me a message at www.ladybirdholistic@gmail.com)

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Ayurveda: Nutriton and Herbs for Vata Dosha, Mon. 11/20/17, from 6-7:30pm

Do you experience anxiety, tension, irregular appetite and digestion, bloating and gas, or dry skin and hair? If so, you may be Vata dosha predominant or have some aggravation of the air and ether element. What does this mean, and how can you eat, sleep, move, and LIVE to optimize your dosha?  

Ayurveda is the sister science to yoga, and has been practiced for millennia. It favors natural remedies, using food as medicine, healthy routines, and adaptogenic herbs to treat conditions. 

In this class you'll find out how to eat and live according to your dosha (unique physical and mental constitution). Learn and heal in this special edition class with Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor, Sarah Teeple.

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How can Ayurveda can take you to the next level in your holistic health AND your career?

Learn more at our intro session, Sat 12/16. Details and sign-up below!


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Sat, Dec 16, 7-9pm at Yogaia, 2027 Frankfort Ave, 40206

This is a eagerly awaited offering and already filling-up! Save your spot below! $20.00