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With the lovely, Holly. All smiles and light!

With the lovely, Holly. All smiles and light!

Holly S., "Working with Sarah helped to catalyze a quantum shift in my life and greatly upleveled my wellness.  In addition to introducing me to fantastic new herbal allies who have brought increased vitality and equanimity to my personal ecosystem,  she also helped me shift long held patterns and habits that were no longer supporting my highest good.  Working with her was pure joy and her sweet wisdom and gentle grace are a blessing to our planet."


Billie S. , "Sarah was just what needed post surgery!  She is very knowledgeable and caring. Her mini sessions were perfect for me. We accomplished a lot in that time and she wrote out a plan for me to take home. 


Marie C. and fellow Kundalini yogis following an amazing yoga class, taught by Marie.

Marie C. and fellow Kundalini yogis following an amazing yoga class, taught by Marie.

Marie C., “Working with Sarah was an amazing experience!  She has a vast amount of knowledge about ayurveda, nutrition, health, and wellness as well as an incredible intuitive, healing, nurturing nature.  The herbs she suggested have helped me tremendously, and I have incorporated many of her recommendations for food and self-care.  She is great at helping you find realistic goals that are easy to reach and make a big difference in how you feel.  I love that she emphasizes tuning into and listening to your own body for the answers."


Liz F., “Working with Sarah gave me some new insights to make my life healthier. I loved the practical approach of traditional nutrition, as well as the education on Ayurveda. I make her easy kitchari almost every week and it has become a staple in my diet... I also learned through working with her, that I feel so much better when I have more healthy fats in my diet! Thanks Sarah!


Erika CG, “I can’t express how grateful I am to work with you. Since we have worked together, I have changed physically, and most importantly I have changed mentally”


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Elizabeth C., “Sarah provided an empowering experience for me through our wellness counseling sessions.  I went to Sarah in a place of desperation to lose weight and to learn how to feed my body for a slimmer physique.  What I actually got out of our time together was the realization that my overwhelming feelings were not just about food, but about feeding my whole being: mind, body, and spirit.  Sarah provided me with tools to quiet the noise of my environment and to focus in on what my body and mind really needed to begin to feel powerful and whole again.    Sarah helped open my eyes to a whole new level of awareness and observation of how stress, hormones and sugar were taking over my life.  With Sarah's guidance, I was able to enter into a new phase of self-acceptance and growth in my wellness journey.  I have continued to use the tools Sarah taught me and have revisited our conversations time and time again over the last two years.



Sarah Teeple, BA, Psych, CHHC, AWC, RYT-200

B.A. in Psychology from Indiana University, IU, Bloomington, 2004

2005-2012 - Social work and non-profit counseling, and lead singer in touring rock and roll band, The Ladybirds! 

2013 - Certificate in Holistic Nutrition from Institute for Integrative Nutrition

2016 - Yoga Teacher Training, RYT200, Asheville Yoga Center, Asheville, NC

2016- Certification in Understanding the Gut-Brain: Stress, Appetite, Digestion, and Mood

2016 - Advanced Studies in Kundalini Yoga, Asheville Yoga Center, NC

2017 - Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor, 600hr certification, Asheville School of Massage and Yoga

Other certifications and qualifications:

2014- Board certified member of AADP - American Association of Drugless Practitioners

2015-Founding member - LEDA - Louisville Eating Disorder Alliance

2015- current - Rainbow Blossom Wellness Ambassador 

2016-current - Mindfulness Instructor with Jefferson County Public Schools: CALM (Community Approach to Learning Mindfully) Program

2017- Founding Member of LIBA (Louisville Independent Business Alliance) Wellness Synergy Group

2018-2019- Featured speaker at Norton Integrative Health Symposium

2019 - Speaker at U of L Institute for Sustainable Health and Optimal Aging, KY Opioid Symposium, Giving Hope and Alternative Therapies to Seniors