Here are my favorite resources for the latest developments, and greatest minds in Ayurveda, holistic healing, neurobiology, meditation, and all things holistic! 

Ayurvedic Resources: - John Immel, Ayurvedic practitioner and one of my teachers!, Indu Arora, Ayurvedic healer and one of my teachers!, Cate Stillman, yogi, Ayurvedic, and a wealth of fun, easy to digest knowledge! - Dr. John Doulliard: Modern science meets ancient wisdom


Meditation, Mindfulness, Body Image, Cognitive Behavioral: 

Geneen Roth - Author of Women, Food and God, my #1 resource for help with binge-eating, and body image issues

Byron Katie - Illuminating and practical skills for creating more peace in your life. Focusing on how our thought patterns create our reality and how to use this awareness to free yourself. VERY powerful. Best resource for when you feel overwhelmed by emotion, stuck in negative emotion, depressed, or anxious.  

Rick Hanson, PhD. - Leading Neuropsychologist, Rick Hanson, specializes in experience-based neuroplasticity, or how our experiences can shape or reshape our brains! Fascinating, practical tools for enjoying your life more.

Brene Brown - Leading researcher on vulnerability and shame, and better yet, how we use these to transform; to overcome, to grow and expand, and to live our best, bravest, fullest life!

Environmental issues, Product safety, and Food systems

Environmental Working Group - look up the health and safety ratings of products

Natural News  

Organic Authority

Food Babe - Troubleshooting our food system and getting to the bottom of trendy diets, and food safety issues. Also, she is smart, sharp, and charming!  

Green Med Info - Natural health and herbal medicine site

Earth Justice - Environmental organization resource

General, good ol' fashioned, green fun:

Mind Body Green - fun and quick reference for all things holistic! 

My New Roots - Fun, yummy food blog!



Tara Brach - Tara Brach, Buddhist dharma talks, radical self-acceptance, and practical skills for more inner peace

On Being

The One You Feed