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Want to bring the power of holistic health your company or organization? Our nutrition & lifestyle workshops and seminars provide countless benefits, including:

  • Reducing sick days

  • Increasing productivity

  • Enhancing quality of life for employees

  • Allowing YOU to be on the cutting edge of the natural health movement

  • Keeping your organization competitive and innovative!

Many types of organizations love our services! Just ask JCPS schools and Norton Healthcare!

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A seminar or workshop series is perfect for you if you are a:

  • Healthcare provider-

    Topics include: Nutrition to Shine Brightly and Avoid Burnout, Food to Boost Brain Health, Lifestyle Hacks to Prevent Cognitive Decline, East meets West Medicine, Women & Hormones

  • Tech company -

    Topics include: Lifestyle Hacks to Boost Productivity, Nutrition to Prevent Cognitive Decline, The Food-Mood Connection, Mindfulness & Creativity

  • Educational entity-

    Topics include: Mindfulness and Movement, Food-Mood Connection, Nutrition for ADHD and Better Focus, Healthier School Lunches, Lunch & Learns with Students & Staff, Mindfulness and Movement for Parent-Teacher Conferences

  • Social services provider -

    Topics include: The Food-Mood Connection, Sleep Hygiene for Longevity & Mental Clarity, Healthy Eating Made Simple, Bridging Nutritional Gaps with Smart Supplements

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