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6 Steps to Radically Rethink Nutrition, Reboot Your Metabolism, Release Excess Weight, and Rekindle Your Love Affair – with Yourself!  

  • Do you feel anxious and stressed? Carrying excess weight? Tired all day but still not sleeping well at night? 

  • Do you have intense sugar and carb cravings? Feel like you need caffeine to start your day or alcohol to bring you down at night?

  • Do you feel heavy, sluggish, bloated, or exhausted after eating? 

  • Do you experience intense cramps, fatigue, or mood swings related to your period?  

I know the frustration of weight gain, low energy, and digestive issues because I have been there! That’s why I created this program: to help you do exactly what I did to overcome these issues once and create a beautifully balanced life.

The key to my transformation was the discovery that the ROOT causes of my symptoms were actually hormone imbalances. It wasn’t lack of willpower, genetics, or “just getting older”!

Treating these underlying hormonal imbalances: including issues with stress hormones, sex hormones, and hormones related to appetite and metabolism, was my turning point. Once I understood the root causes, finding the solutions was easy, natural and even fun!

In the Beautifully Balanced Program we use the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and the modern science of Functional Medicine to address the root causes of your symptoms. We address and heal the underlying issues, so you become more healthy and balanced, from the inside out!

With a specialized nutrition plan, adaptogenic herbs to reboot the nervous and hormonal (endocrine) systems, medicinal teas to restore optimal digestion, and a home and personal detox process, you will lose weight, experience more mental calm and peace, sleep better, and feel your best, naturally! 

If I can do it, anyone can. 

I’ve designed this simple roadmap to guide you step-by-step to lose weight and feel your best. Complete with shopping lists, meal plans, and strategic supplements and herbs to address your unique symptoms and goals. No more sifting through all the conflicting nutrition information. This will program will show you what truly works to help you sleep better and reach your ideal weight naturally!


Step 1 – Radically Rethink Nutrition

We kick off the program by rocking your nutritional world! It’s time to break your old food rules and start fresh! You will learn which foods to eliminate that are keeping weight on you, causing you to feel sluggish and inflamed. 

Learn simple, quick preparations to get more of these healthy veggies into your diet, and FEEL the body and brain benefits for yourself.

Learn simple, quick preparations to get more of these healthy veggies into your diet, and FEEL the body and brain benefits for yourself.

You will receive simple guidelines on the dos and don’ts of healthy eating. Plus, you will receive a shopping list to show you exactly what to buy and how to quickly prep food at home for a healthy, successful week.

  • Learn which foods to focus on to increase your energy levels, eliminate cravings and begin to balance your hormones.

  • Receive step-by-step guidelines to make healthy eating easy and delicious.

  • Learn how you can have nourishing food on hand, ready to grab and go!

  • Complete with recipes and shopping lists!

Step 2 – Recharge Metabolism

 Now that we’ve laid the foundation of healthy eating, it’s time to dive deeper into how to use healthy fats and proteins as nutritional hormone therapy. 

You will learn how to curb those sugar cravings with healthy and delicious substitutions that will rev up your metabolism and keep you satisfied all day long. 

You will learn which foods to focus on that will give you energy, eliminate sugar cravings and begin to balance your hormones. 

  • See how the latest nutritional science demonstrates how your old food choices were keeping you and your metabolism sluggish, overweight, inflamed, and craving sugar and carbs. 

  • Learn how to become a “fat burner” instead of “sugar burner” so your body literally becomes a fat burning machine. 

  • We’ll replace those outdated food habits with a new food philosophy that will keep your energy boosted and appetite satisfied.

Step 3 – Replenish with Adaptogenic herbs and medicinal teas

In this exciting session we’ll introduce the herbs that will address your uniqueconstitution (dosha) that will ease your symptoms and move you toward your goals. This is where the rubber hits the road! 

This Moroccan mint tea lightens heavy digestion after meals and kickstarts slow metabolism!

This Moroccan mint tea lightens heavy digestion after meals and kickstarts slow metabolism!

Once we combine the power of herbs and correcting vitamin and mineral deficiencies, you are well on your way! 

The ancient wisdom of Ayurveda gives us a wealth of adaptogenic herbs that reboot the nervous system and balance our hormones. 

  • Using nutritional therapy in conjunction with adaptogenic herbs has a synergistic affect. This means one boosts the efficacy of the other.

  • This gives you even more positive, visible, and quick results!

  • Learn how to make simple herbal teas that will boost your metabolism, reduce gas and bloating, and stop inflammation in its tracks.

  • This is where the two main pieces of the puzzle start coming together and you start to really feel the difference! 

Step 4 – Reframe Cravings and “Fill the Gaps”

 Did you know cravings start with your biochemistry, NOT your will power? 

This is great news! It means those irresistible sugar, carb, and caffeine cravings that are keeping you overweight and off-balance are 100% solvable!

Cravings serve a purpose. They are our body’s way of telling us what it needs. We just have to know how to listen and respond wisely. 

  • In this step we get to the root causes of your cravings by using the cutting edge science of functional medicine nutrition.

  •  We will decode your cravings and give you easy ways to prevent and address them, using delicious real food, and strategic supplements.

  •  Addressing cravings at the physiological level allows your body to become your best friend instead of your worst enemy.

  • This dramatically improves self-esteem, and leads to a whole new healthy relationship with food!

  • The weight will naturally shed itself as you gain energy, sleep better, and even start to develop healthy cravings!

Step 5 – Reclaim Restful Sleep

 Did you know the quality of your sleep effects your metabolism, mood, and even your likelihood of developing chronic degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s? 

That’s why it is essential to create a sustainably healthy lifestyle and schedule that supports you instead of depletes you. 

Learning these simple and powerful daily routines will enhance your energy levels, your moods, and keep you consistently moving towards your goals, naturally. 

  • We’ll use Ayurvedic daily routines (Sanskrit: “Dinacharya”) to reset your circadian rhythms and improve quality and quantity of sleep.  

  • Learn powerful affirmations to help reprogram your brain and relax your body

  • Discover how eating the right amounts of the right foods at the right times gives you energy all day long, then lulls you into a deep slight at night.  

Step 6 – Reimagine Healthy Home and Personal Care Products

Did you know that the chemicals found in many everyday home and personal care products disrupt our hormones and keep us overweight and inflamed? 

These are called EDCs or endocrine disrupting chemicals, and they are in many store-bought products that we are told are completely safe.  This is not so, and learning how to eliminate these chemicals can improve asthma, allergies, skin sensitivities, fertility issues, painful periods, and so much more. 

  • Detoxify your kitchen and bathroom products to detox your body and brain.

  • Learn easy steps to create a safer and healthier environment for you and your family.

  • Enjoy the beauty benefits of healthier products and less chemicals: glowing skin, healthy hair, and more energy for life!

  • Reap the brain-benefits: more focus and clarity, less brain fog, fatigue and irritability.

Step 7 – Restore Peace of Mind and Body

Our final session is peaceful and luxurious! You’ll learn simple yoga (all levels), mediation, and aromatherapy practices that you can do at home (or even work). Keeping hormones in balance, moods elevated, and your work-life balance operating at 100%! This will allow you more time and energy for family and your own passions, moving forward to a healthier happier life everyday.

Reconnect with your most centered self and find the peace and ease you’ve been looking for….

Reconnect with your most centered self and find the peace and ease you’ve been looking for….

  • Learn quick, simple steps to practice an optimal level of self-care everyday 

  • Enjoy the stress-relieving, mood-lifting, body-positive benefits of yoga and meditation in a way that works for YOU.

  • Learn which essential oils are best for your unique Ayurvedic constitution.

  • This easy approachable intro may just make just make you a yogi or meditator for life!

It’s time to stop being hard on yourself and wishing things were different. Start taking simple actions. It’s not your fault and it’s never too late. I will show you how easy it is to stop the cravings and mood swings, so you can transform your body and brain with real food. 

It’s amazing how quickly you can go from feeling fatigued, bloated, and irritable, to losing weight, sleeping more deeply, and making simple healthy food choices. This easy, delicious, customized program will guide you every step of the way. 

This program is for you if you are ready to:

  • Feel light, confident and sexy in your body 

  • Have more energy for work, play, and family fun

  • Experience more peace and better sleep

  • Get off the dieting and cravings rollercoaster once and for all 

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