Yoga Studio Owners: Do you want to bring Ayurveda to your students?

Ayurveda, as the sister science to yoga is the next BIG step in our yogic evolution! Allow me to help you bring these philosophies, lifestyles, and practices into your life and the lives of your students “off the mat”!

Offerings vary to meet the needs of your studio and your students: from a 2-hour introductory class to a full Weekend Immersion for 300hr Yoga Teacher Trainees!

Classes and workshops include:

  • Food as Medicine and Healing Herbs

  • Discover Your Dosha

  • Ayurvedic Lunch & Learns

  • Seasonal Workshops for Vata, Pitta, and Kapha

  • All About Agni (Digestive Fire and Metabolism)

  • Intro to Ayurveda for Beginners

These are just a few great ways to introduce your students to Ayurveda!

Testimonials from happy studio owners (who are frequent flyers. Their students love the workshops!):

“The students at Yoga Baum found Sarah’s Ayurveda Immersion highly informative and enjoyable. They learned so much about their individual doshas and how to incorporate their knowledge of Ayurveda into their cooking and lifestyle. The students enjoyed this immersion so much that they are asking for a part two! We will definitely have Sarah back for many more Ayurveda-related workshops!”

Laurie, Studio Owner, Louisville, KY, Feb 2019

“We all look forward to when Sarah comes to teach Ayurveda! She’s fun and knowledgeable. It’s obvious that she lives the Ayurvedic lifestyle, so the teachings flow easily through her.”

-Lydia Lagenour, E-RYT, owner, Fire Horse Yoga

Want to explore bringing Ayurveda to your studio? Connect with me at or call 502-693-2372 to learn more! Your students will love it and benefit from it for years to come!