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"Ayurvedic Ginger Pickle" ~ So easy. Make some today!

You are not just what you eat: you are what you absorb and assimilate! Get the most from your food by eating one of these yummy treats before every meal! 

This quick and easy recipe will boost your agni (digestive fire), and create a healthy gut environment, allowing you to absorb and assimilate more nutrition from your food! Tri-dioshic, but especially wonderful for kapha digestive issues including - low appetite, slow, sluggish digestion, or heaviness after eating. 

"What is Ayurveda, part 1" 

Filmed in my bedroom, after waking at 4:30am. I was brimming with excitement to share my studies with you. 

Very DIY. No frills, and no make-up!  

A quick and dirty intro to this ancient Indian healing medical system.

Natural, holistic, intuitive, effective. 

"What is Ayurveda? Part 2" 

Diving more deeply into this ancient wisdom tradition which honors mind, body, and spirit. Introducing concepts of dosha, guna, and prakruti, and vikruti. 

Find out about your Ayurvedic dosha and how to support it through nutrition and lifestyle solutions. 

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"Easy Quinoa Kitchari"

THE staple dish in Ayurvedic cooking. Simple crackpot lentil, grain and veggie, a.k.a. kitchari. 

This is a super quick and easy one-pot meal that is delicious and SO healthy.

Great for digestion, and great for all doshas. 

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