Asheville, NC ~ 

Thank you to the Asheville School of Yoga and Massage! I am honored to graduate from this unique program, with a 600-hr Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor certification. I am now passionately bringing this ancient healing modality to clients in Louisville, KY, via my counseling practice Ayurveda Louisville

Thank you to my inspiring classmates, who have gone on to be Ayurvedic counselors, clean-eating chefs, all-natural product-makers, wellness center proprietors, and Ayurvedic body treatment practitioners.

Thank you also to amazing and brilliant teachers and Ayurvedic Practitioners: Vishnu Dass and Indu Arora!


Tamil Nadu, India ~

I was so inspired to continue my Ayurvedic studies, that I wanted to go to its place of origin. This desire lead me to Tamil Nadu and Kerala, India with esteemed teacher Indu Arora, and her guru, Shashi Khosla, aka "Masa-ji" (Hindi term of endearment for mother). 

We took a journey through Southern India, with a theme of the Five Elements, or Panch Maha Bhutas. Our pilgrimage began at Vaidyagrama, an Ayurvedic Healing Village,outside of Coimbatore India. Vaidyagrama is the most intentionally and mindfully created place I have ever been! It is a treatment center, an Ayurvedic medical school, a spiritual hub, an Ayurvedic herb jungle, and a sustainable farm where they grow their food and lovingly raise cows for organic dairy, using the dung for fuel! Truly a one-of-a-kind, special, and sacred place. 


As an Ayurvedic counselor, the week spent at Vaidyagrama was so illuminating! In the context of our Journey into the Five Elements, this location symbolized the Earth element. Its solidarity and grounding. The rest and nourishment we were able to experience there served to plant seeds of inspiration for the journey through Tamil Nadu to come!

Then we took off to see and experience several Hindu temples and sacred sites in Tamil Nadu. This huge and beautiful state is rich in gorgeous natural scenery, dotted with lots of small villages, and some huge cities. Our pilgrimage swept us through the fire, water, air, and ether elements, in the form of the sacred temples with their rich stories and traditions. Hinduism is steeped in amazing allegories and symbolic stories of dieties and energies. The colors were striking and stunning. The paintings and sculptured ornate and ubiquitous. The people all so welcoming and warm.   


Learn more about going on your own journey with Indu Arora on her website! I cannot speak of it highly enough.